QBN Working Group Meeting Quantum Computing & Applications in Delft

19 January, 2024 2:12 am

Bridging Technology and Collaboration

We’re thrilled to share the success of the QBN Working Group Meeting on Quantum Computing & Applications, a pivotal event that brought together leading minds in the field of quantum technology. Held in the vibrant city of Delft, this event was a fantastic dive into the world of quantum computing and how it can help businesses and collaborations grow.

Thanks to Qblox, QuTech, and House of Quantum for hosting us, the event started on a high note. Over the two days, we had amazing talks about the future of quantum technology and how Europe can lead the way.

The event kicked off with Johannes Verst and Haissam Hanafi from QBN setting the stage, followed by Freeke Heijman from Quantum Delta NL introducing the House of Quantum. Insightful presentations began with Lieven M.K. Vandersypen discussing quantum computation and simulation, and Yoram Vos delving into a spin-4 backend for Quantum Inspire.

Mark Mattingley-Scott’s from Quantum Brilliance talk on a roadmap to mass quantum computing presented a future vision of the field. The first day’s sessions also included Arttu Huikuri exploring cryogenics in quantum ecosystems and Yigitcan Uzun from Qblox on scalable qubit control, among others.

Day two opened with Charlotte van Hees introducing QuTech and the Delft ecosystem, followed by Marco Matters discussing the Quantum Inspire Program. Doru Tanasa from the European Commission then gave a comprehensive overview of Quantum Computing Policy and Deployment in the EU.

Working Group Quantum Computing & Applications

Dive into the heart of the quantum revolution with our Working Group Quantum Computing and Applications. As a coalition of industry experts, academic leaders, and innovative thinkers, we’re sculpting Europe’s future in the quantum arena. By fostering international partnerships, influencing policy, and driving technical advancement, our goal is to establish Europe as a quantum leader. Our mission is to integrate quantum computing into practical applications, solving real-world industry challenges. Join us in transforming the quantum landscape and unlocking new dimensions of technological possibilities!

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A special highlight of the event was the lab tours at QuTech, Orange Quantum Systems, and Bluefors. These tours provided a unique opportunity to witness the cutting-edge advancements in the quantum field firsthand. Additionally, an interactive workshop chaired by Peter from IQM and Anurag from Qruise fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas, challenging assumptions, and collaboratively sketching out the future of quantum applications.

The energy and creativity during these sessions were palpable. Participants left the event with new connections, enriched knowledge, and a united passion for advancing the quantum movement in Europe and beyond.

We extend heartfelt thanks to all participants, speakers, and contributors who played a crucial role in the success of this event. Their insights and contributions were invaluable. The collaborative spirit and shared knowledge at the event underscore the importance of such meetings in steering the quantum revolution.

As we look forward to the next chapter in the quantum journey, we remain committed to fostering collaboration and influencing policy and standards in the quantum industry. The insights gained at this event will undoubtedly shape future collaborations and advancements.

We eagerly anticipate the next exciting events and developments as we continue to propel the quantum revolution forward.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

The list of participants, the speakers’ slides, and results of the interactive WG QC&A workshop can be downloaded at the event page

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Quantum Technology Manager

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