Working Group Quantum Sensing & Imaging


The Working Group Quantum Sensing and Imaging aims to unlock incremental and disruptive innovations based on quantum sensors and imaging systems that help solving social challenges in our global and digital age as well as in our everyday life. Thus we want to enable the development of systems that go beyond the limits of classical metrology and sensing or achieve unique imaging performance and drive quantum sensors to industry applications from autonomous transport, navigation and brain imaging to Industrial Internet of Things.


Our mission is to drive the advancement and widespread adoption of quantum sensing and imaging technologies, leveraging their potential to address societal challenges and transform various industries in the global and digital age. Through a multi-faceted approach, we promote the industrial application of quantum sensors and imaging systems by driving technology transfer and commercialization, working closely with industry end-users and increasing the awareness of quantum sensors. 

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Zeynab Tavakoli
Quantum Technology Manager

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