DIN SPEC - Benchmarking quantum computers with standardized KPIs

DIN SPEC 91480 – Benchmarking Quantum Computers with standardized KPIs illustration, final document may vary.

Industrial users of cloud-based quantum computing need to assess the capabilities and advantages of different systems for different application areas. There are many metrics that are difficult or impossible to distinguish, especially for end-users. By defining requirements and criteria for the evaluation of different quantum computers, quantum algorithms and their implementation, QBN together with their applied research partner Fraunhofer FOKUS essentially contributes to the development of a strong quantum computing industry and helps end-users to navigate in this promising, dynamic technology field.

As winner of the DIN connect challenge, QBN together with Fraunhofer FOKUS (as subcontractor) receives funding for the standardization of the proposal “Benchmarking quantum computers with standardized KPIs”, including the associated support of the entire process by DIN and DKE. Thus, QBN, the world’s leading, global business network for quantum technologies will develop a DIN SPEC together with Fraunhofer FOKUS and a consortium of quantum computing manufacturers, platform and software providers and industry users.

The core metrics are to be defined in a way that they describe the properties of a QPU with precise benchmarks and are decisive for the performance in various relevant applications. These applications then no longer have to be tested separately, but can be assessed on the basis of the KPIs, which manufacturers and users can measure in a fair and reproducible manner. The DIN SPEC will then serve as a basis for European and international standard on KPIs to benchmark quantum computers.

Finally, QBN will enable industrial end-users, especially SMEs, to measurably compare and evaluate quantum computing systems and specifically use the capabilities and advantages of quantum computers in the best possible manner.

The DIN SPEC is expected to be published by September 2025.

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