Member: Orange Quantum Systems

Orange Quantum Systems B.V. is a spin-off company of QuTech (a partnership organisation of TNO and TU Delft) and is co-founded by part of the team who developed Quantum Inspire, Europe’s first quantum computer in the cloud (

Our mission is to use the knowledge acquired in this field to provide a quantum engineering service to assemble, integrate and help controlling our client’s multi-qubit quantum computing R&D setups.


Orange Quantum Systems is a systems integrator and is offering quantum systems engineering, integration and support services for the quantum computing R&D market.


Orange Quantum Systems is offering a wide range of products and services to the growing quantum computing R&D market. We are focusing on expediting the process of setting up our customer’s quantum computing technology R&D lab.

The added value for our customers would be that they can focus on quantum technology development, while Orange Quantum Systems would take care of the design and engineering of the experimental set-up, the procurement of components, their integration and calibration, translating the setup into a fully functional quantum computing R&D system.

Our offerings include complete systems such as full stack quantum computing demonstrators and setups for quantum device development. Systems can be delivered turnkey or through co-development, depending on the customer’s preference.

On component-level we offer products such as Quantify, an operating system for quantum computing R&D setups filled with high-end characterisation and calibration routines and quantum experiment libraries for device tune-up. Additional services include certification for quantum computer components such as quantum processors or superconducting amplifiers (i.e., JPAs and TWPAs).


Director of Development & Engineering
Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Last

Orange Quantum Systems B.V.
Lorentzweg 1
2618 CJ Delft
The Netherlands