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Working Group Photonics Quantum Technology aims to build a thriving and interconnected ecosystem for growth and development in this cutting-edge field. We aim to foster an environment where collaborations are seamless and practical applications develop rapidly. By connecting research institutions, industry leaders, and government bodies, we accelerate advancements and focus on elevating the industry and the global quantum technology market. Through showcasing achievements and facilitating international partnerships, we aspire to shape the future of this technology and drive transformative changes across various sectors.


Our mission is to advance the photonic quantum technology industry by building connecting experts, companies, and research institutions. We promote collaborations through workshops, meetings, and consortia, inspiring investment and interest by showcasing innovative research and commercial products. We address industry challenges, develop practical use cases, and define technology compatibility and integration standards. We maintain a directory of key players and provide a platform for knowledge exchange and resource sharing, ultimately striving to create a collaborative and innovative ecosystem for photonic quantum technology.

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Zeynab Tavakoli
Quantum Technology Manager

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