Quantum Business Network

We build a strong Quantum Industry together!

QBN is the world’s leading business network that promotes networking, business creation and the development of organizations working in the field of quantum technologies and its value chains. We bring together people from industry, science and politics and connect you with the entire value chain to build a strong Quantum Industry in Europe.

Quantum technologies are the deepest of deeptech

The development and application of quantum technologies require interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaborations across disciplines and all areas of quantum technologies, their enabling technologies, e.g. photonics, and along the supply chains from components to systems to industry applications.

5 pillars for building a strong quantum industry

QBN members have a head start – As a QBN member, we provide you with growth acceleration and technological advancements through industry collaborations, deep market insights, visibility and supportive structures, business development, technology transfer and innovation support as well as entrepreneurial mentoring and fast access to private and public funding.

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Quantum Business Network

We Build a Strong Quantum Industry Together!

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