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Qruise develops software that helps scientists and researchers use Machine Learning tools in their day-to-day scientific workflows without having to worry about what's under the hood. ML has revolutionised how science is being done and taking advantage of this new numerical toolset should not require having a full time ML scientist on the team to design, develop and deploy systems. Qruise is developing ML for Science as a productised toolset making ML driven discovery accessible to all.

Our first offerings address the growing pains of controlling current generation noisy quantum computers (NISQ devices) and provide improvements in operational fidelities through the use of ML & Quantum Optimal Control.


We are offering a broad collection of algorithms – optimizers, simulators, machine learning tools and other software components designed to accelerate the development of quantum technology and to improve its application.

For quantum computers, Qruise can connect the device to a fully functional Qiskit stack, including circuit scheduling capabilities, allowing you to treat your experimental devices as a private Qiskit quantum computing cloud and aiding collaborative workflows in distributed teams.

The full package is QruiseOS, an end-to-end deployable solution that provides a vertically integrated quantum software stack on top of low level control electronics drivers provided by OEMs or developed in-house by quantum hardware manufacturers and researchers.


Shai Machnes


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