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The SQuaD project (Schirmprojekt Quantenkommunikation Deutschland) aims to accelerate the commercialization of Quantum Communication in Germany. This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which has allocated nearly 9 million euros for the project period from September 2022 to December 2025. Quantum Communication, recognized as a key technology forsecuring digital infrastructures, has predominantly been confined to academic research and institutions. SQuaD seeks to bridge the gap between scientific research and industrial application, facilitating a well-networked ecosystem where all stakeholders can collaborate, learn, and benefit from each other. Thus, enhancing Germany and Europe’s roles in maintaining technological sovereignty and strengthening Germany’s competitive position in the global market.

Goals of SQuaD:

  1. Facilitate the Transition from Research to Industry: By connecting basic research with industrial applications, SQuaD aims to ensure the sustainable networking of these sectors, promoting a continuous professional dialogue.
  2. Develop Industrial Applications: The project strives to transfer current Quantum Communication technologies into industrial applications, laying the foundation for innovative and internationally competitive products.
  3. Support Standardization and Certification: SQuaD will support activities aimed at the standardization and certification of Quantum Communication technologies, with central organizations like the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) involved to secure commercialization strategies.
  4. Enhance Germany’s Competitive Position: By leveraging synergies and avoiding duplications, SQuaD aims to optimize resource utilization from both research and industry, thereby strengthening Germany’s competitive position in the global market.

QBN's Role & Results in SQuaD

QBN plays a pivotal role in SQuaD by leading the activities on innovation promotion, technology transfer, and networking.

Promotion of Innovation

QBN is dedicated to developing and researching advanced methods, tools, and formats that foster innovation. Our aim is to support technology transfer, facilitate knowledge exchange among key players in Quantum Communication and ultimately accelerate the commercialization of Quantum Communication. 

QBN is dedicated to developing and researching advanced methods, tools, and formats that foster innovation. Our aim is to support technology transfer and facilitate knowledge exchange among key players in Quantum Communication commercialization. 

QBN has successfully conducted workshops that focus on crucial topics such as QKD integration, supply chain, industry use cases across various verticals, political and investment factors, and eavesdropping. These workshops provide valuable insights and foster a collaborative environment for stakeholders.

SQuaD Workshop at World of Quantum 2023, Munich, Germany 

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SQuaD Workshop hosted by QTI and CNR-INO 2024, Florence, Italy

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Support of Entrepreneurs, Startups & SMEs

QBN provides significant assistance to founders, startups, and SMEs involved in Quantum Communication. By offering tailored support, QBN helps these entities overcome the unique challenges they face, enabling them to scale and accelerate the growth of their businesses. 

QBN develops a comprehensive start-up toolkit and specialized workshops to guide entrepreneurs through various phases of their business. Keep an eye on our news.

Collaboration & Networking

SQuaD - platform

QBN connects stakeholders from industry, science, and politics, facilitating collaborations and connecting the German with the European ecosystems.

QBN has developed an innovative Collaboration & Networking Platform for interaction, resource sharing, and partnership development:


Alignment of SQuaD with QBN's mission

QBN’s activities within the SQuaD project are well aligned with our other initiatives, particularly those of our Working Group Quantum Communications & Cybersecurity . This group is dedicated to solidifying Europe’s leadership in Quantum Communication and Cryptography and facilitating the transition to quantum-secure cybersecurity practices. We achieve this by promoting partnerships and international cooperation, driving technical innovations, and shaping policies and standards both in Europe and globally. Additionally, we advance the adoption of Quantum Communication technologies like Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), bringing QKD solutions to end users and industries while helping develop and promote new use cases.

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Haissam Hanafi - Quantum Technology Manager QBN 

Haissam Hanafi 

Quantum Technology Manager 


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