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Quantum Brilliance is using diamond to build quantum computers that operate at room temperature. A single quantum processor can outperform a classical supercomputer. With our unique technology, which leverages IP developed in Australian and German universities, Quantum Brilliance can shrink this processor down to the size of a GPU accelerator card. Quantum Brilliance means that quantum is no-longer limited to niche applications by cryogenics and complex infrastructure requirements. Instead, quantum can support applications wherever classical computers are found today: from supercomputers to offices, vehicles and satellites. We are already supporting organisations in their quantum journeys today, and plan first deliveries of quantum hardware in early 2021. Imagine holding a quantum computer in your hands: what could you achieve?


  • High performance computing
  • Edge computing
  • Defence
  • Vehicles
  • Finance
  • and many more


  • Low size/weight/power room temperature quantum computers that customers can host and run themselves
  • Co-development of software and hardware solutions
  • Quantum applications exploration supported by sophisticated quantum hardware emulators
  • Long term partnerships and community building


Mark Luo

Quantum Brilliance
Gould Building
Daley Road
Acton, ACT 2601

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