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Become a member of QBN to expand your resources and influence in the quantum industry, leverage valuable business and collaboration opportunities and accelerate your quantum business! Think of all the other tangible and intangible benefits having a one stop shop for all stakeholders and a dedicated organization as driving force for a thriving quantum economy.

QBN Membership Benefits

QBN membership is international and available to cooperations, institutions, organizations and other entities  working in the field of quantum technologies and its value chains.

All Types & Sizes

  1. Large corporates, SMEs & startups
  2. Research & technology organizations (RTOs)
  3. University faculties & labs
  4. Government agencies* & non-profit orgs
  5. Investors & accelerators

Along the Value Chains

  1. Hard- & software providers
  2. Material & component suppliers
  3. Researchers, developers & aducators
  4. Investors & facilitators
  5. End users
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Join the world’s leading business network and accelerate your quantum business! 

11 reasons why to become a member of QBN:

Connect to potential business and collaboration partners and gain insights into companies, institutions and markets. QBN organizes numerous technology, business and networking meetings and events, e.g. QBN Technology Meetings, QBN Webinars, Members Dinners, Joint Booths and many more.

Create a supportive and flourishing environment for your company and the quantum community by joining QBN’s public policy and community activities e.g. on strategic governance and recommendations for funding programs.

Get fast access to European, national and regional public funding and benefit from QBN’s participation in funded initiatives and projects.

Get access to an international network covering your entire value chain – QBN is highly connected to initiatives and networks around the world from quantum technologies, its enabling technologies and application industries.

Drive the agenda with your topics, ideas and needs and have registration priority at all QBN business, technology and networking events. Bringing together end-users with developers, suppliers and integrators in a trust-based environment creates the perfect foundation for technology transfer as well as knowledge and experience exchange.

QBN is proud of its members and happy to promote their success stories, news, job openings and events on its digital and analog channels.

All employees of QBN members gain premium access to an industry-specific platform and wear the QBN member batch.

QBN members get discounts on consulting and innovation support from the first workshop to roadmap and measures definition to the support or accompaniment of the implementation.

QBN provide its members with active promotion of their job openings from QBN job board on social media and in QBN newsletter. QBN also takes its members’ job offers to trade fairs and presents them at job boards.

As QBN member you benefit from special startup support, fast access to private capital and entrepreneurial mentoring.

Free access to technology presentations, QBN reports and ecosystem data for all employees of QBN members to use them for your corporate strategy, new product developments, innovation management, R&D, sales and marketing.

2024 Membership fee

  • Global Player € 10.000

    Company with annual revenue > EUR 150 M

  • Large Company € 6.000

    Company with annual revenue < EUR 150 M

  • SME € 3.000

    Company with annual revenue < EUR 50 M

  • Startup € 1.000

    Company < 3 years or SME < € 1 M annual revenue

  • Research and Technology Organization, University, Other € 2.000

    RTO, University Faculty or Institut, Cluster, Association, Regional Development, Government Agency

  • Natural Person € 150

    Pre-seed founders, students and people without relevant business affiliation.

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