Successful APS March Meeting 2023 with QBN Joint Booth – Quantum was dominant topic

Quantum was the buzzing topic at the APS March Meeting 2023 in Las Vegas and QBN’s co-exhibitors attracted significant interest from attendees. When so many physicists meet in one place, it leaves its mark; it started with the special atmosphere at the airport, moved on to intense and exciting discussions, and finally culminated in the […]

New QBN member: Jij Inc.

We warmly welcome our new member Jij Inc. to QBN! Jij is a startup that provides a cloud service called as JijZept for mathematical optimization and quantum computing. Jij solves computational problems that every industry faces, where the number of candidate solutions grows exponentially in relation to the number of variables, making them difficult to solve. […]

QBN Joint Booth @ Photonics West 2023

Photonics West – the biggest annual optics and photonics event of the year – gathered more than 1400 exhibitors and 22 000 registered attendees in San Franicso, California to connect with industry leaders, researchers, and potential customers and provide valuable insights into the latest developments in the field of photonics. imaging technology and photonic quantum […]

New QBN member: EXAIL

We warmly welcome our new member EXAIL to QBN! From design to manufacturing, EXAIL masters the complete production chain of specialty fibers, Bragg gratings, high-speed modulation solutions and micro-optic assemblies. They provide turn-key laser systems delivering continuous and sub-ns pulsed signal wave, and instruments. Their solutions support numerous applications: high-speed communications, fibers-based sensing, space, science, medical, […]

Quantum-safe identities for a digital future

The security of digital identities is threatened by future quantum technologies. In the hands of attackers, quantum computers will be able to break classical encryption methods.

New QBN member: DIAMFAB

We warmly welcome our new member DIAMFAB to QBN! Diamfab is a start-up specialized on diamond manufacturing for semiconductor and quantum applications. They are a supplier of diamond epiwafers ready to be used, with a controlled concentration of NV centers on a layer as thin as 20 nm, allowing to improve the sensitivity of your quantum device/system. We […]

Controlling neural exoskeletons more precisely with diamond sensors

A collaboration of Fraunhofer IAF, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, University of Stuttgart and other industrial partners has taken up this challenge: In the recently launched NeuroQ lighthouse project, the project partners develop highly sensitive diamond-based quantum sensors that will enable paralyzed people to control neural exoskeletons more precisely.

New QBN member: Qruise

We warmly welcome our new member Qruise to QBN! Qruise develops software that helps scientists and researchers use Machine Learning tools in their day-to-day scientific workflows without having to worry about what’s under the hood. Their first offerings address the growing pains of controlling current generation noisy quantum computers (NISQ devices) and provide improvements in operational fidelities […]