SQuaD Workshop on Quantum Communication at World of Quantum 2023

28 September, 2023 12:08 pm
SQuaD Workshop on Quantum Communication at World of Quantum 2023

Harnessing the Potential of Quantum Communication

We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of our SQuaD Workshop on Quantum Communication focused on “Delivering first generation applications”. Industry leaders, renowned experts, and government representatives convened to discuss the future and potential of quantum communication. The intensive workshop spurred active discussions and paved the way for promising collaborations.

The workshop commenced with enlightening talk sessions where experts presented cutting-edge research and development in quantum communication. The emphasis was on the potential of quantum communication in a variety of sectors, such as banking, logistics, and energy. For example, quantum communication can revolutionize the security of financial transactions and patient data while also enhancing the efficiency of energy distribution and logistics operations. Furthermore, were discussed the challenges that accompany the transition from theoretical quantum communication to practical applications. Key points from these discussions included the cost and complexity of integrating Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technologies into existing infrastructure, highlighting the need for strategic partnerships with government and network operators.

This was complemented by three expert tables where participants discussed in groups Rules for private & public investors in crucial Qcom tech, Export control, and Knowledge security & intellectual property. The last table was led by Simon Borger from Sonnenberg Harrison.

This was followed by an interactive workshop where participants Jointly build a value chain map, revealing hidden prospects for business growth and synergistic partnerships.

Working Group Quantum Communications & Cybersecurity

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The event culminated in a stimulating panel discussion moderated by Jesse Robbers from Quantum Delta NL and featured insights from prominent panelists, Imran Khan from KeeQuant, Alessandra Matteis from QTI, Oscar Diez from the European Comission, and Johanna Sepúlveda from Airbus Defence and Space – Intelligence. The discussion emphasized the role of public authorities and the need for education and awareness programs for these authorities and potential partners.

Among the topics discussed were how initiatives such as EuroQCI could accelerate the development and deployment of quantum communications and that QKD and post-quantum cryptography (PQC) should complement each other, rather then replace. The experts suggested that these technologies should be developed in parallel for reasons of national security and sovereignty.

Inspired by the productive and insightful discussions from this workshop, we are excited to announce the next SQuaD Workshop in Spring 2024. We anticipate leveraging the insights gleaned from this workshop to address crucial topics, explore potential actions, and stimulate further collaborations in quantum communication. We welcome all interested stakeholders to join us as we venture deeper into this revolutionary field.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all participants, speakers, and panelists who made the workshop a resounding success. We look forward to building on these discussions and carrying the momentum created into the future.

We look forward to further propelling the quantum revolution together.

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