Member: KEEQuant GmbH

KEEQuant was founded in 2020 with the aim of securing the existing communication and network infrastructure.

With strong team expertise in quantum technologies and entrepreneurship, KEEQuant is developing market-ready quantum key distribution technology. This is demonstrably secure even against the most sophisticated attacks. The use of established telecom technology allows scalable implementation.

KEEQuant is 100% EU27-funded to provide trusted solutions even for the most critical customer applications.


  • software defined networks (SDN) for telecommunication network operators
  • critical infrastructure
  • data centre interconnects


KEEQuant is active in the field of quantum cryptography and concentrates on

  • fibre-based systems for quantum key distribution based on continuous variables (CV-QKD)
  • Key management systems in networks (KMS)


Co-Founder & Business Lead
Dr. Ulrich Eismann

KEEQuant GmbH
Gebhardtstrasse 28
90762 Fürth

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