QBN Meeting on Quantum Communication on December 1

6 March, 2023 5:22 pm

To download presentations, agenda and participant list, please visit QBN Meeting on Quantum Communication event page.

On December 1 quantum experts met in Bavaria’s second largest city Nuremberg to attend the QBN Meeting on Quantum Communication. The meeting was hosted by KEEQuant, market-ready QKD technology developer, which provided a great place and trusting environment to discuss the latest advancements and business challenges with speakers and attendees from the entire supply chain.

Global attacks increased by 28% in the third quarter of 2022 compared to same period in 2021, which emphasizes the need for secure encryption solutions. There are already several initiatives worldwide aiming to develop a quantum communication network between nearby cities, which would make eavesdropping very difficult and detectable using QKD systems. Secure communication is not only important in business, but also in other crucial fields like space technologies, military and others. The main point of this meeting was to present most recent communication technologies along with their various applications and to discuss the acceleration of further development.

Ulrich Eismann, Co-Founder and Business Lead at KEEQuant

Christoph Marquardt, Chair of Optical Quantum Technologies at MPL / FAU

The meeting was opened by Johannes Verst, the CEO of QBN, with a few welcoming words. The first presentation session was then started by Ulrich Eismann, Co-Founder and Business Lead at KEEQuant with the keynote “KEEQuant and challenges of QKD” about the obstacles on our way to quantum-safe future. Christoph Marquardt from MPL / FAU followed with a captivating speech and then Josef Vojtech from CESNET outlined physics foundations in the presentation “Synergy of QKD and optical time and frequency dissemination in (research) networks”. Next Marcus Gärtner from Deutsche Telekom presented ambitious German project in the speech “QKD@DT: Application-oriented Demonstration of Quantum communication in DeuTschland”.

KEEQuant’s lab visit

After an inspiring presentation session participants discussed the heard concepts and built connections with other attendees in a networking pause. Right after the break Mario Castaneda from Single Quantum kicked off the second presentation session with the talk “Advances in Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detection systems for Quantum communications”, where he revealed the latest communication technology improvements. Next Marc Kaplan from VeriQloud showed practical use cases in the presentation “Designing Applications for quantum networks”.  The session was concluded by Hedwig Körfgen from Bundeswehr University Munich presenting Bavarian quantum internet initiative “Designing MuQuaNet – Architecture considerations for the Munich Quantum Network”.

After two interesting presentation sessions it was time to look at the most modern technologies that are already available today in Industry & Startup Pitches – “Miniaturised high-speed ADC/DAC toolbox for quantum communication” by Andy Heinig from Fraunhofer IIS/EAS Dresden, “Space-Based Quantum Communication at OHB” by Alessia Scriminich from OHB Systems, ‘’ Quantum Communication at Airbus’’ by Alberto Comin from Airbus, ‘’Quantum Key Distribution for Real-World Telecommunications Networks’’ by Tommaso Occhipinti from QTI – and David Dupuy from iXblue also presented his companies solutions.

After a long but exciting day of presentations it was time to stretch legs a little bit and go on a short trip to KEEQuant’s lab. Participants had the unique opportunity to see the heart of innovation, where QKD and key management systems in networks are made. This was the perfect ending of such an eventful day.

Special thanks to all participants not only for their open and very valuable contribution but also for making the QBN Meeting on Quantum Communication to a high-quality meeting with a trust-based environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

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