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Light detectors are crucial components of optical imaging and telecommunication systems. The ultimate photon detector is capable of detecting even an elementary particle of light, a single photon.

Single Quantum was established in 2012 as the first European company manufacturing and commercializing the ground-breaking technology of superconducting single photon detectors.

Our multi-channel detection system has already been chosen by more than 160 academic and industrial labs all over the world to perform complex optical measurements. The unique combination of unparalleled detection efficiency and time resolution makes our superconducting detectors the ideal choice for quantum communication and cryptography, infrared fluorescence spectroscopy, and laser ranging.

Our mission is to make the world’s fastest and most sensitive light sensors limited only by the law of physics.


• Two-photon quantum interference
• Photon antibunching
• Laser ranging for environment monitoring


Single Quantum Eos

Single Quantum Eos is the flagship product of Single Quantum. It consists of a compact closed-cycle cryostat, a dedicated helium compressor, fiber-coupled SNSPDs, a user-friendly electronic driver, and the Single Quantum software. Single Quantum provides the fastest and most sensitive single photon detectors on the market.
• Unparalleled system efficiency: >90%
• Low timing jitter: <15 ps
• High count rate: >80 MHz
• Low dark count rate: <10 Hz
• No helium consumption
• No afterpulsing
• Continuous operation: >10,000 hours
• Sensitivity from UV to mid-IR
• Gating not needed
• Long lifetime
• Upgradeable


Dr. Jessie Qin-Dregely

Single Quantum
Molengraaffsingel 10
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The Netherlands