QBN Meeting on Accelerators for HPC centers on November 24

8 December, 2022 5:19 pm

To download presentations, agenda and participant list, please visit QBN Meeting on Accelerators for HPC centers event page.

On November 24 quantum enthusiasts came to Finland’s second largest city Espoo, which is also leading deeptech city in the country, to participate in QBN Meeting on Accelerators for HPC centers. Local superconducting quantum hardware startup IQM hosted this captivating meeting and welcomed the attendees at their headquarters offering a trust-based environment for knowledge exchange and networking.

While quantum computers are still in the NISQ era, the best option to bring out the maximal benefits of the emerging technologies is to combine them with latest HPC systems. Two of the most powerful computing structures together possess a potential to offer never seen before computing capabilities. To accelerate the implementation the quantum experts gathered in the event to explore current state and challenges, as well as technology requirements and compatibility.

Kuan Yen Tan, CTO & Co-founder of IQM

Laura Schulz, (Acting) Department Head, Quantum Computing and Technologies / Head of Strategic Development and Partnerships at LRZ

Peter Eder, Head of Partnerships at IQM

Johannes Verst, CEO of QBN, kicked-off the meeting with a welcoming talk and afterwards Kuan Yen Tan, CTO & Co-founder of IQM, gave a short overview. The first talk ‘’EC Quantum Computing Initiatives’’ by Oscar Diez from European Commission addressed European quantum roadmap and goals. Next Laura Schulz from LRZ explained how to get ready for deeptech future in the presentation ‘’Quantum: Preparing for the next wave of supercomputing’’. After a networking break the presentation session was continued by Peter Eder, Head of Partnerships at IQM, with a talk ‘’ Bringing quantum acceleration to HPC Centers’’ about making today’s cutting-edge computers even more powerful using quantum technologies.

Next the attendees visited innovative IQM’s lab, where the leading superconducting quantum processors are made. Participants gathered new ideas and insights about the production of superconducting quantum computer architecture with the unique and competitive approach of IQM. During the lab visit quantum experts also used the opportunity to connect with each other and discuss newfound impressions about the future technologies.

Niels Bultink, CEO and Co-Founder of Qblox

Johannes Verst, CEO of QBN

The second presentation session started with a talk ‘’Bridging the gap between high-performance classical and quantum computing’’ from Niels Bultink, CEO and Co-Founder of Qblox, where the current challenges and an action plan were sketched. Kelvin Loh from Orange Quantum Systems went into detail on quantum hardware components in his speech ‘’Quantum Chip Diagnostics within HPC environments’’. Next Jean Senellart from Quandela and Robert Stockill from QphoX demonstrated the importance of light quants in the developing technologies in their presentations ‘’ Quandela takes on Computing with Photons and HPC’’ and ‘’ QphoX: Optical Interfaces for Scalable Quantum Computing’’, respectively.

After another short networking break Carsten Blank from data cybernetics ssc talked about system compatibility in his speech titled ‘’The Challenge at Rymax-One: Connecting HPCs to Quantum Computers’’. The meeting was then closed with an amazing talk by Georg Geske from QMware.

Special thanks to all participants not only for their open and very valuable contribution but also for making the QBN Meeting on Accelerators for HPC centers to a high-quality meeting with a trust-based environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

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