15 December, 2022 6:48 pm

Proud to announce the QBN whitepaper on Quantum Security and Secure Communication written by the working group “Quantum Communications and Cybersecurity”, one of QBN´s five working groups that bring together end-users with developers, suppliers, and integrators to discuss relevant challenges and trends in R&D and work on joint activities and recommendations.

Cryptography is the backbone of our modern information society. Roughly 100 Terabytes are transmitted over the internet every second, and well over 90% of that traffic is encrypted. This illustrates how cryptography is essential for maintaining infrastructure, industries, and therefore our society. It provides the very basis of our daily connected lives. Europe is evolving in a changing world with an inclusive, innovative, and self-reflective society. The European Union needs data security to provide freedom, protect our values and the very lives we enjoy living.

This whitepaper sheds light on how quantum technologies affect safe communications and cybersecurity in the future. It discusses the true risks in the future as well as the potential of the quantum technologies and business.

We would like to thank the QBN members and the following authors for their contribution.

Lead authors

Xenia Bogomolec
Managing Director & Founder
Quant-X Security & Coding GmbH

Ulrich Eismann
Co-Founder & Business Lead
KEEQuant GmbH


Kevin Füchsel
Quantum Optics Jena GmbH

Kay-Uwe Gierig
Chief Scientist
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS,
Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS

Shray Jain
Associate Product Manager – Cybersecurity
Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited

Duncan Jones
Head of Cybersecurity
Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited

Markus Rohr

Maksym Sich
CEO & Co-Founder
AegiQ Ltd.

Johannes Verst
CEO & Founder
Quantum Business Network UG

Quantum Business Network

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