Member: Aegiq

Aegiq is on a mission to secure global connectivity with quantum light. Using their patented semiconductor technology Aegiq is building a full stack and platform-agnostic solutions for the quantum internet of the future. Its approach solves the speed and distance bottlenecks of existing quantum communication solutions and ensures top security, while also enabling high-performance quantum photonic applications in quantum sensing/imaging and computing.


  • Quantum communications
  • Photonic quantum computing and networked quantum computing
  • Quantum imaging and microscopy


  • iSPS™ -NIR Series – Turn-key source of indistinguishable single photons
    AegiQ’s iSPS™-NIR is an on-demand source of indistinguishable single photons. Our proprietary technology allows extremely high bandwidths delivered to a single-mode fibre output for simple plug-and-play operation. The deterministic photon source retains high indistinguishability and single photon purities, enabling orders of magnitude improvements across a range of quantum photonic applications.
    The iSPS™-NIR system incorporates a turn-key integrated cryogenic system in a 19’’ rack form factor for simple deployment in R&D or industrial environments.
  • Quantum Capsule™ – Securing global communications with quantum light.
    Using our patented iSPS™ technology we are building quantum-safe communication systems for the quantum internet of the future. Our unique approach allows us to overcome key bottlenecks and ensure that our customers’ data is protected by the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics whether transmitted via satellite or optical fibre.


Maksym Sich

Aegiq Ltd.
283 Glossop Road,
Sheffield, S10 2HB