VIP roundtables “Pursuing Scale Up Europe: A New Deal for Sovereignty”

12 December, 2022 1:06 pm

Our CEO Johannes Verst joined the VIP roundtable “Pursuing Scale Up Europe: a New Deal for Sovereignty – Quantum” on Wednesday, December 7th , 2022 at the French Embassy, Berlin. The Quantum VIP Roundtable was one of the four roundtables on key sectors of technology (Quantum, AI, Cloud, Climate Tech and Energy) to develop recommendations on Financing, Talent, development of Innovation & Tech Transfer, etc to ensure the European sovereignty.

We are proud of the fact that the overwhelming majority of the participating companies consisted of QBN members to ensure that we are addressing the real industry needs to drive the industrialization.

  • Iris Schwenk (HQS Quantum Simulations) – QBN Member
  • Thomas Oehl (Vsquared)
  • Raphael  Thomas (French Tech Berlin / Startup Lawyers)
  • Marie-Avril Roux Steinkühler (French Tech Berlin / Mars IP)
  • Raphaël Fauveau (Pasqal) – QBN Member
  • Björn Pötter (IQM) – QBN Member
  • Philipp Semmer (Earlybird)
  • Kevin Berghoff (Quantum Diamonds) – QBN Member
  • Ulrich Eismann (KEEquant) – QBN Member
  • Aurianne Legris (Quandela) – QBN Member
  • Johannes  Verst (Quantum Business Network) – QBN
  • Peter Soldan (BMBF Leiter Quantensysteme)
  • Olivier Tonneau (Quantonation)
  • Axelle Cheney
  • (Ambassade de France)
  • Roxaneh Tehran (IE.F)

Many thanks to Francois Delattre, François DELATTRE, Ambassador of France to Germany,

and French Tech Berlin for this exceedingly important event.

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