Successful APS March Meeting 2023 with QBN Joint Booth – Quantum was dominant topic

21 March, 2023 10:32 am

Quantum was the buzzing topic at the APS March Meeting 2023 in Las Vegas and QBN’s co-exhibitors attracted significant interest from attendees. When so many physicists meet in one place, it leaves its mark; it started with the special atmosphere at the airport, moved on to intense and exciting discussions, and finally culminated in the beginnings of countless new research and business partnerships.

The conference & exhibition gathered more than 12.000 experts from science and industry, students , and over 140 exhibitors. It provided a prime opportunity for networking, learning about new technologies and products, and staying up to date with the latest research in quantum science and technology. No wonder that so many QBN members were on site.

The five co-exhibitors Classiq Technologies, Element Six, HQS Quantum Simulations, ParityQC, and Quantum Diamonds, showcased their latest innovations and developments in quantum computing and diamond-based quantum technologies including quantum sensing at the QBN Joint Booth and shared their extensive knowledge and innovative power in exciting talks at the APS March Meeting. Yes, you could learn that diamond is far more than a valuable material that you can easily loose in Vegas and yes you can greatly learn about quantum computing while gambling or gaming.

Fleming Bruckmaier, CTO at Quantum Diamonds, a member of QBN said:
“The QBN joint booth at the APS March Meeting was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest advances in diamond-based quantum technology, while connect with researchers and industry professionals alike”.

Matthew Markham, Element Six’s Principal Research Scientist shared his thoughts in the following words:
“It was great to join the March APS exhibition as part of the QBN quantum ecosystem. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with many of Element Six’s academic collaborators, as well as to connect with a number of new potential developers in the diamond-enabled quantum space.”

Erik Garcell, the Technical Marketing Manager from Classiq also had some nice words to say about the event, “Our experience at the APS March Meeting with the QBN joint booth was incredibly rewarding. We were thrilled to engage with professors, students, and researchers, showcasing our innovative free academic program for quantum software development and witnessing the enthusiasm it sparked in the quantum community.” 

It was particularly fascinating that circa 80% of the exhibitors were providers of quantum technologies or quantum-enabling technologies. Many solution providers with turnkey products in the fields of quantum computing, communication and sensor technology and especially their OEMs from the areas of cooling technology, control and measurement devices as well as an astonishing amount of innovative software companies such as providers of machine learning for advanced qubit control and optimization were present.

We’re grateful to everyone who stopped by to learn more about our activities at QBN and the amazing work of the QBN members. And we already looking forward to one of next year’s largest international gathering of physicists in Minneapolis, MN and is excited about showcasing again the QBN members’ latest innovations.
Johannes Verst, CEO at QBN said:
“That quantum was THE hot topic at one of the larges physics conferences shows how research-intensive technologies they are and only a few people on earth are able turn this research into beneficial products and services and bring them to market. Luckily QBN gathers the world’s best companies, entrepreneurs and researchers in quantum technologies to drive the commercialization for good. And the QBN Joint Booth was once again a great platform to provide the QBN members with valuable opportunities to showcase latest solutions and connect with collaboration partners”.

Contact us, if you want to learn more about QBN or join next year’s Booths at the APS March Meeting and Photonics West or this year’s World of Quantum and Quantum Effects.

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