UK’s National Quantum Strategy: £2.5 Billion investment will help the UK to emerge as the world leader in the field of Quantum Technology 

20 March, 2023 3:46 pm

Download: UK National Quantum Strategy Paper
The UK will be investing £2.5 billion towards quantum technology in the next 10 years, with the objective of attracting substantial private investment alongside this funding. The UK’s recently released national quantum strategy has set out an ambitious roadmap for the development of quantum technology, with a focus on building a strong, sustainable, and globally competitive quantum industry in the UK. The decade long strategy outlines several large-scale objectives to be accomplished by 2033.

The UK has committed to investing £2.5 billion in various areas as part of its National Quantum Strategy such as:

  • Accelerator programs
  • Challenge-led innovation funding
  • Training and talent programs
  • Collaborative R&D programs
  • Infrastructure investments
  • Establishment of research hubs

The ten-year plan aims to finance new areas of quantum research, bolster the UK’s growing quantum industry, ensure ethical use and regulation of quantum technologies, and prepare the wider economy for the quantum revolution. By achieving these goals, the UK hopes to become a global leader in the field, attract top talent, foster scientific breakthroughs, and promote quantum entrepreneurship. The UK quantum community has played an instrumental role in developing this strategy, and the government is committed to working collaboratively to deliver on its objectives. The UK’s ten-year plan aims to increase its share of private equity investment in quantum technology firms globally to 15% by 2033. At present, the UK holds approximately 9% of the global market share in quantum technologies, as per the government’s assessment.

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