QuEra Joins Korea Quantum Industry Association (KQIA) to Advance Quantum Computing in South Korea and Around the World

30 November, 2023 3:44 pm

Press release QuEra Computing Inc., 20 Nov 2023

BOSTON, November 20, 2023QuEra Computing, the leader in neutral-atom quantum computers, today announced that it has joined the Korea Quantum Industry Association (KQIA) to promote the technological advances and commercialization of quantum science and technology. QuEra joins almost 50 other organizations that are all working together to contribute to the national public interest and technology competitiveness in South Korea.

The KQIA was founded a year ago to advance the practical use of quantum computing technology, including hardware, application field, and software solution development, and has emerged as the leading quantum business association in South Korea. Participating companies in KQIA range from industry giants to fledgling startups, from cutting-edge innovators developing software and algorithms to established companies with applications in sectors such as finance, energy, space, biomedicine, and investment. Key activities of the KQIA include:

  • Promoting the acquisition and use of quantum science in South Korea
  • Business planning for the expansion of the domestic quantum science and technology industry and
  • Technology and personnel cooperation activities in quantum science and technology domestically and globally 

QuEra’s technology is built on large-scale arrays of neutral atoms. It currently offers users up to 256 qubits on its Aquila-class machines and is actively working towards scaling up to much higher numbers. QuEra’s designs feature a unique combination of system size, coherence, and an innovative analog quantum processing mode that provides new ways to solve machine learning, optimization, and simulation problems. Furthermore, Aquila machines offer the added benefit of its FPQA™ technology, a field-programmable qubit array that provides flexible reconfiguration of its qubit positioning, comparable to designing a new chip layout for each computation. The hardware is complemented by Bloqade™, an open-source software package that assists with expressing and testing problems in this new way.  

“We are delighted that a global quantum computing science and technology leader like Quera is joining KQIA as it will help our organization become a world-class association that will help drive the impact of quantum computing not just in Korea but all over the world,” said an officer from KQIA.

QuEra plans to open a Korea office in 2024, as a follow-up to the joint memo of understanding with  Sejong City,  KAIST, and QuEra that was signed in September 2023. QuEra is also in discussions with several Korean quantum organizations about participating in various domestic quantum development projects. 

About QuEra

QuEra Computing is the leader in commercializing quantum computers using neutral atoms—widely recognized as a highly promising quantum modality. Based in Boston and built on pioneering research from nearby Harvard University and MIT, QuEra operates the world’s largest publicly accessible quantum computer, available over a major public cloud and for on-premises delivery. QuEra is developing large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computers to tackle classically intractable problems, becoming the partner of choice in the quantum field. Simply put, QuEra is the best way to quantum. For more information, visit us at quera.com and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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