QuEra Computing Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Access to the World’s Largest Publicly Available Quantum Computer on Amazon Braket

2 November, 2023 3:04 pm

Press release QuEra Computing Inc., 1 Nov 2023

Expands Availability to more than 100 Hours/Week, a 10x Increase in the Last 12 Months, to Meet Growing Global Demand Across a Wide Range of Use Cases

BOSTON, November 1, 2023QuEra Computing, the leader in neutral-atom quantum computers, today announced the one-year anniversary of the public availability of its neutral atom quantum computer, Aquila, on Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). QuEra remains the first and still the only publicly accessible neutral-atom machine on the market, and, at up to 256 qubits, the largest publicly accessible quantum computer in the world. QuEra also announced today that it has significantly expanded the availability of its quantum computer on Amazon Braket to more than 100 hours/week, more than doubling its current availability and marking over a 10x increase since it first launched one year ago.

Since launching on Amazon Braket in November 2022, organizations from dozens of countries around the world have logged almost 1,000 machine hours of research and testing, arranging hundreds of millions of qubits on QuEra’s system to explore numerous applications ranging from high-energy physics to optimization to material sciences. To meet this growing demand, in August 2023, QuEra expanded availability on Amazon Braket to 48 hours per week. By now raising access to over 100 hours per week, additional customers will be able to experiment with and push the boundaries of quantum computing for problems that are challenging to simulate classically, opening up a new era of computational power and possibilities.

QuEra’s technology is built on large-scale arrays of neutral atoms and currently offers users up to 256 qubits on its Aquila-class machine, and the company is actively working towards scaling up to much higher numbers. QuEra’s designs feature a unique combination of system size, coherence, and an innovative analog quantum processing mode that provides new ways to solve machine learning, optimization, and simulation problems. Furthermore, Aquila machines offer the added benefit of its FPQA™ technology, a field-programmable qubit array that provides flexible reconfiguration of its qubit positioning, comparable to designing a new chip layout for each computation. The hardware is complemented by Bloqade™, an open-source Python and Julia software package that assists with expressing and testing problems in this new way. Customers can now program analog quantum computers using Bloqade and execute their programs on Aquila via Amazon Braket.

“As we mark the one-year anniversary of our quantum computer’s availability on Amazon Braket, we’re thrilled to see the global impact it’s already had. From high-energy physics to material sciences, our neutral-atom quantum computing technology is empowering organizations to tackle problems that were once considered unsolvable,” said Alex Keesling, QuEra CEO, “The expansion to more than 100 hours per week of availability is a significant milestone for us, but it’s just the beginning. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in quantum computing, and we’re excited to continue our journey in democratizing access to this transformative technology.”

Customers can access Aquila directly using their Amazon Braket account. For additional details on QuEra’s unique approach or to enquire about public training sessions, visit the Aquila page here.

 To hear more about neutral-atom machines on Amazon Braket, register for AWS re:Invent 2023, and attend session QTC203: Searching for quantum advantage with analog neutral-atom machines, to be held November 29 from 9-10 a.m. PDT.

About QuEra

QuEra Computing is the leader in commercializing quantum computers using neutral atoms—widely recognized as a highly promising quantum modality. Based in Boston and built on pioneering research from nearby Harvard University and MIT, QuEra operates the world’s largest publicly accessible quantum computer, available over a major public cloud and for on-premises delivery. QuEra is developing large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computers to tackle classically intractable problems, becoming the partner of choice in the quantum field. Simply put, QuEra is the best way to quantum. For more information, visit us at quera.com and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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