QuantWare releases Contralto-D and Soprano-D: the next generation of Quantum Processors

29 February, 2024 7:01 am

Today, QuantWare released the next generation of its off-the-shelf processors, Soprano-D and Contralto-D, in a keynote speech at the Quantum Innovation Summit in Dubai. The upgraded processors feature greatly improved specifications, better reliability and ease of use, and shorter lead times, as well as 6 times more value for money than competing solutions.

The new processors feature improved specifications. QuantWare released reference setup measurement results, featuring average coherence times of 60 μs, average single qubit gate fidelities of 99.9%, and a two qubit gate fidelity of 99.7%. Moreover, combining QuantWare’s new processors with their recently released Crescendo-S J-TWPA allows users to reach readout fidelities of 97.5%. The full spec sheets of both Soprano-D and Contralto-D can be downloaded through the QuantWare website.

Both processor lines also include improvements to their ease of use. With detailed installation manuals and several hours of expert support included with every purchase, the complexity of building your quantum computer with Soprano-D and Contralto-D is greatly reduced. Contralto-D now features connectors for high-density cables, enabling ease of integration and handling.

QuantWare announced reliability and lead time improvements for its customers that need to deliver quantum computing systems on a timeline. The lead times for both QPUs are now halved. In addition, all new generation processors now include an individual, cryogenic pre-characterisation report, significantly improving the reliability of the processors and further shortening the time required to build a quantum computer, ensuring the most stringent timelines can be met with confidence.

QuantWare aims to make building quantum computers an order of magnitude more efficient. With Soprano-D and Contralto-D starting at 60k and 300k Euro respectively, the new generation provides up to 6 times more value for money than competing solutions.
To achieve this, the company specialises exclusively in quantum hardware. This specialisation allows the company to create products that serve a larger number of quantum computer builders.

“Soprano-D and Contralto-D reflect the continuous striving for excellence of our team, and their hard work to meet the needs of our customers. It shows the rapid rate of progress in the quantum computing market – that driven by the feedback we receive from our customers we’re able to create products that enable them to build better systems faster and more efficiently”, says Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, CEO of QuantWare. “A great example of this is the Echo-5Q system Formfactor Inc. built. It vastly outperforms competing systems in that category and is powered by QuantWare’s Soprano-D. ”

Soprano-D is available in 2 models, Contralto-D comes in 3 models.

About QuantWare
QuantWare is the leading supplier of quantum processors. QuantWare provides quantum processors to organisations around the world and enables them to build better quantum computers faster and more efficiently. Committed to a supply chain approach, QuantWare develops technology that will massively scale the number of qubits in a single processor, to create processors that can perform useful quantum computation in the near term.

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