QBN wins DIN Connect challenge – Benchmarking quantum computers with standardized KPIs

5 August, 2022 4:28 pm

Munich, 05 August 2022 – Industrial users of cloud-based quantum computing need to assess the capabilities and advantages of different systems for different application areas. There are many metrics that are difficult or impossible to distinguish, especially for end-users. By defining requirements and criteria for the evaluation of different quantum computers, quantum algorithms and their implementation, QBN together with their applied research partner Fraunhofer FOKUS essentially contributes to the development of a strong quantum computing industry and helps end-users to navigate in this promising, dynamic technology field.

As winner of the DIN connect challenge, QBN together with Fraunhofer FOKUS (as subcontractor) receives funding for the standardization of the proposal “Benchmarking quantum computers with standardized KPIs”, including the associated support of the entire process by DIN and DKE. Thus, QBN, the world’s leading, global business network for quantum technologies will develop a DIN SPEC together with Fraunhofer FOKUS and a consortium of quantum computing manufacturers, platform and software providers and industry users.

The core metrics are to be defined in a way that they describe the properties of a QPU with precise benchmarks and are decisive for the performance in various relevant applications. These applications then no longer have to be tested separately, but can be assessed on the basis of the KPIs, which manufacturers and users can measure in a fair and reproducible manner. The DIN SPEC will then serve as a basis for European and international standard on KPIs to benchmark quantum computers.

Finally, QBN will enable industrial end-users, especially SMEs, to measurably compare and evaluate quantum computing systems and specifically use the capabilities and advantages of quantum computers in the best possible manner.

About QBN

QBN is the world’s leading business network that promotes networking, business creation and the development of organizations working in the field of quantum technologies and its value chains. We provide our more than 50 members from industry, science and politics with growth acceleration and technological advancements. To foster business collaborations QBN operates a unique industry platform, the QBN business forum and technical working groups covering all quantum technologies and their entire supply chains. Marketing support and lobbying increase visibility and create a thriving environment for our members. Consulting, entrepreneurial mentoring, fast access to private and public funding drive the commercialization. Together we build a strong Quantum Industry.


About Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fraunhofer FOKUS as a neutral research institute develops solutions for the “Digitale Vernetzung” (Digital Interconnectivity), with the requirement to make the networked world safe, reliable, scalable and trustworthy. Thereby FOKUS acts as a supplier and technology independent agent between industry, science and the public administration that can combine long standing scientific expertise and experience from various branches to optimal solutions for its customers. The researchers concentrate not only on the technical infrastructure but furthermore develop practical concepts, prototypes and applications in a pre-competitive environment. At the center of the research activities lies the development of cross-domain and cross–organizational solutions that are both interoperable and user-centric.

Fraunhofer FOKUS has developed a number of concepts, prototypes and pre-products in the area of smart cities, Internet of Things, telecommunications and Urban Data Platforms. It also acts on the cutting edge of science with Quantum Computing. The aim of the Fraunhofer Quantum Computer Initiative is to develop and evaluate technological solutions in various fields of application in industry. Fraunhofer FOKUS conducts research on the following topics: testing and benchmarking quantum systems, verification of processes and quantum algorithms, quantum error correction and error mitigation, quantum application development. Furthermore, it provides services such as evaluation and benchmarking of quantum algorithms and quantum software as well as essential APIs and process standardisation (e.g. DIN, CEN-CENELEC). In this context, Fraunhofer FOKUS supports industry in building up competence and solving concrete problems in order to be able to start early and obtain a competitive advantage by the time the quantum technology reaches maturity.


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