On 19 June, 2023, we have revived the highly successful webinar sessions on European Quantum Leadership that we conducted in the past, bringing them back to life once again!

As QBN grows every day, with currently more than 80 members across 19 countries, from all Europe, but also from Canada, US, Japan, Singapore and Australia, now we decided to go on a global scale, and promote the growth of quantum technologies worldwide. How? By providing the perfect platform for international startup, corporates and research institutions to share their visions, solutions, success stories, and collaborative efforts, showcasing their leadership positions.

The end goal of this format is to involve every leader of each sector using or developing quantum technologies in order to create a strong quantum industry together.

The recent quantum computing event brought together renowned experts, industry leaders, and curious minds eager to unlock the power of quantum technologies. With an agenda packed with 4 insightful presentations and an engaging Q&A session, attendees gained valuable insights into how quantum computing can transform various industries.

The event kicked off with News from QBN, emphasizing the latest activities, and the upcoming events, including the QBN Quantum Industry Summit, the premier international quantum business & tech conference, taking place on the 10-11 October 23 in Stuttgart, Germany, in parallel to Quantum Effects, the first trade fair & exhibition of quantum technologies in Europe.

Alissa Wilms, Quantum Computing Scientist at Porsche Digital, took the stage to discuss the significance of quantum computing for businesses. She provided valuable insights on how companies can effectively approach quantum computing and leverage its potential. Wilms emphasized the need to understand the implications and impact of quantum technologies on different industries, offering strategies for integrating quantum computing into company operations.

Michael Brett, Worldwide Business Development and Go-To-Market Strategy for Quantum Computing at Amazon Web Services (AWS), shared an exciting solution to accessing quantum computing power. He discussed the possibilities of leveraging cloud-based services to access quantum computing hardware. This approach enables companies to harness the computational prowess of quantum technologies without the need for significant infrastructure investments. Brett highlighted the advantages and opportunities that arise from accessing quantum computing via the cloud.

Adrian Vetter, Head of Software at PlanQC, delved into the intriguing world of neutral atoms and their role in achieving practical quantum advantage. Vetter provided compelling insights into how neutral atoms can be utilized to enhance quantum computing technologies. Attendees learned about the potential applications and advantages of utilizing neutral atoms, paving the way for practical advancements in the field.

Nikolaj Moll, Quantum Computing Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim, captivated the audience with his presentation on drug design using quantum computers. He explored the transformative impact that quantum computing can have on the pharmaceutical industry. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of how quantum computers can revolutionize drug discovery, offering the potential to accelerate the development of life-saving medications.

The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where attendees had the opportunity to seek clarifications, share their perspectives, and further explore the topics discussed.

In conclusion, the QLS 4 served as a catalyst for industry leaders, businesses, and enthusiasts to grasp the immense potential of quantum technologies. Attendees left with a renewed sense of excitement and a deeper understanding of how quantum computing can reshape various sectors, from the automotive to the pharmaceutical sector. The event served as a springboard for future collaborations, innovations, and advancements in the fascinating realm of quantum computing.


QBN QLS Session 4 on demand

To feed your mind during the holidays, you can watch it on demand here.


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