QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing Software and Algorithms on 6th October 2021

27 December, 2021 12:16 pm

To download presentations, agenda, workshop results and participant list, please visit QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing Software and Algorithms event page.

On 6th of October the QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing Software and Algorithms took place online. Industry experts and researchers came together to discuss latest developments of quantum technologies and made the event a great success.

An algorithm is a step-by-step process for performing a computation or a set of instructions for solving a problem, with each step being computer-based. Quantum computers can solve countless complex algorithms, including all the algorithms that classical computers perform, although in many cases they will not be as good as classic computers. But the fact that those algorithms can be executed on a quantum computer alone does not make them “quantum’’. Real ‘’quantum’’ algorithms use principles of quantum physics – superposition and entanglement. These phenomena can be used in some astonishing applications and the amazing speakers showed us exactly how.

Johannes Verst, CEO of Quantum Business Network, opened the meeting with a few welcoming words and Dr Simon McAdams, Product Lead of Cambridge Quantum, followed with a “Cambridge Quantum Overview”. First key note was given by Prof Dr Dr h.c Frank Leymann from University of Stuttgart, explaining structure of quantum algorithms.

After that, participants had a chance to speak with each other personally and find potential business partners in face-to-face networking sessions. Networking is a great tool to collect information about exciting projects and engage in new collaborations.

Dr Matthias Rosenkranz, Scientific Project Manager at Cambridge Quantum, member of QBN, started the second session of presentations with a talk ‘’Quantum machine learning: a probabilistic view’’ and shared his thought on present and future applications of quantum algorithms. Next Prof Dr Kerstin Borras and Dr Karl Jansen form DESY, also a member of QBN, showed creative ways to solve mathematical and physical problems in key note ‘’Quantum Computing Applications at DESY’’.

After the thought-provoking presentations participants were eager to share their own ideas in the interactive workshop about the quantum software field on how to close the gaps and involve more end-users.

Yuval Boger, CEO of Classiq, a member of QBN, presented fantastic benefits of their technologies in the pitch ‘’ Are you ready for 1000 qubits?’’.

Special thanks to all participants not only for their open and very valuable contribution but also for making the QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing Software and Algorithms to a high-quality meeting with a trust-based environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

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