QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing – Practical Programming on May 3

11 June, 2022 7:36 pm

To download presentations, agenda and participant list, please visit QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing – Practical Programming event page.

On 3rd of May another exciting event took place online – QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing – Practical Programming, which was supported by FI CODE, University of the German Armed Forces. Knowledgeable experts of quantum industry from all over the world provided high quality information and made the event truly exceptional.

Many new quantum computing languages are made available to get the most of rapidly developing quantum computers. Quantum programming languages help express quantum algorithms using high-level constructs and numerous of them are available as an open-source software. This opens up a great way for everyone to learn more about the exciting world of quantum physics. However, there are countless possible quantum algorithms and it is not always easy to come up with an algorithm that can be directly used in real-world applications. Therefore, we invited to this meeting the most skilled quantum professionals in practical programming, to reveal new useful methods.

The event was opened by Johannes Verst, founder and CEO of the Quantum Business Network and Dr Sabine Tornow, Head of Quantum Technology, who gave a short overview of FI CODE, University of the German Armed Forces activities.

The first key note “Quasi probabilistic error mitigation for near-term quantum computers” by Christophe Piveteau from ETH Zurich/IBM Research illustrated future prospects of  fault-tolerant quantum computing. Next speaker Dr Luciano Bello, Qiskit DevRel Team Lead at IBM, uncovered several valuable quantum algorithms of one of the most well-known quantum programming languages today in his talk “Qiskit Quantum Programming Features You Probably Don’t Know About”. Afterwards Prof Dr Frank Pollmann from Technical University of Munich explained mathematically based quantum programming in his presentation “Tensor Network inspired Quantum Algorithms’’.

In the networking sessions participants had a chance to personally get to know others. It was not only entertaining, but a great opportunity to meet new peopple, to talk about upcoming projects and to form new partnerships as well.

The second presentation session started with the brilliant talk ‘Quantum Machine Learning’’ by Dr Sofia Vallecorsa, Quantum Researcher at CERN openlab, where the applications of quantum computing in several fields of physics were emphasized. The meeting was concluded by PD Dr. habil. Jeanette Lorenz from Fraunhofer IKS with a key note “On the stony way to a practical quantum advantage” about the current and upcoming problem-solving capabilities of quantum algorithms.

Special thanks to all attendees not only for their open and very valuable contribution but also for making the QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing – Practical Programming to a high-quality meeting with a trust-based environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

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