QBN and LEADERSHIP4SMEs sign partnership agreement

26 July, 2022 3:49 pm

The Quantum Business Network (QBN) and LEADERSHIP4SMEs signed a collaboration agreement in June 2022 to generate IP-related investment and business opportunities.

By providing opportunities to apply such tools and principles as deep learning and quantum physics to overcome bottleneck problems, deep tech is expected to significantly reduce costs and improve performance in various industries, like pharma, energy, finance, automotive and many others. However, because of their IP-rich and R&D heavy nature, it may be many years before a deep tech startup successfully commercialises its innovation and emerges from the infamous ‘valley of death’. IP may be the only real asset a deep tech startup has for several years, so protecting that IP and developing an effective IP strategy is therefore critical to its success.

L4SMEs consortium and QBN will cooperate to generate IP-related investment and business opportunities for the members of their communities, and offer support services contributing to their development. QBN members will benefit from this partnership by receiving information about open calls for applications, events and workshops allowing them to meet investors and business partners involved in L4SMEs project. Members will also get a chance to present their activites to L4SMEs community and increase their visibility.

Interested members can contact us to learn more about the project and how to get involved.


LEADERSHIP4SMEs (acronym from “Leveraging the Emergence of Advanced Debt and Equity Risk-financing Solutions for the Hypergrowth of IP-driven SMEs & Start-Ups”) is a project financed by the European Commission under the Grant Agreement n° 951164. The L4SMEs consortium is coordinated by bwcon and integrates 7 additional partners (Aster Capital, BCR, Bugnion, CNRS Innovation, Iceberg Consulting, INNOVA, KMU Forschung) from 6 European Member States, with a complementary expertise (herein referred as The Partners).

L4SMEs has the mission to develop a holistic framework, allowing SMEs and start-ups proposing disruptive innovations (the core target group of the project) to efficiently leverage their intangible IP assets to stimulate their growth by opening access to adequate private and public funding opportunities, correlated with their business development strategy and market potential. L4SMEs will establish, starting from the networks of the consortium members and their external partners, a community of at least 1 000 disruptive SMEs and start-ups, that will be offered access to a set of tailored support services (IP protection and exploitation, access
to finance, access to markets, networking and visibility).

About Quantum Business Network (QBN)

QBN, the Quantum Business Network is the member-driven innovation network founded in 2020, that builds a strong quantum industry in Europe by promoting networking, business creation and the development of organizations working in the field of quantum technologies and its value chains.

With over 40 members worldwide ranging from global players to SMEs and startups to RTOs, universities and public bodies, QBN provides its members with a unique platform for business collaborations and knowledge exchange in a trust-based environment of its center, its technical and strategical working groups. QBN members also benefit from an increasing visibility through marketing and talent support, lobbying for a supportive structure and strategic governance, consulting from business-case development to fast access to private and public finance as well as technology and business acceleration through technology transfer and Innovation support as well as entrepreneurial mentoring and startup support


Johannes Verst, CEO

Quantum Business Network

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