New QBN team member: Haissam Hanafi

14 August, 2023 2:24 pm

As Quantum Technologies Manager, Haissam will be supporting QBN’s transformative initiatives within the quantum sector, facilitating technology transfer, and fostering innovation support. He will work hand-in-hand with regional and international business developers, accelerators, investors, universities, and startups, creating synergy for quantum breakthroughs.

In collaboration with stakeholders across the entire value chain, Haissam will emerge as a trusted partner. His primary role will be pivotal in QBN’s activities within the SQuaD project, which plays a central role in accelerating the commercialization of quantum communication in Germany. Within this project, Haissam will be especially focused on providing startup support, mastering the intricacies of venture development, and technological advancements. Additionally, Haissam will be instrumental in organizing quantum technology-focused workshops and events, providing a platform for industry dialogues and partnership building. His efforts will also involve identifying key industry players and integrating companies into the QBN ecosystem to enable meaningful business discussions and collaborations. A significant theme under Haissam’s oversight will be Quantum Communications and Cybersecurity, where he will manage the working group within QBN. Moreover, he will also direct the Quantum Computing and Applications working group.

Haissam holds a Master’s Degree in physics and brings over 7 years of hands-on experience at the cutting edge of photonics research. His international experience, highlighted by a double degree program between Münster and Seville, has honed his adaptability and ability to collaborate with diverse teams. Previously, Haissam worked as a research associate at the University of Münster and explored unconventional light dynamics in artificially created photonic structures emulating quantum optical analogies and topological effects.

“Drawing from my journey across photonics research and international collaborations, I envision a quantum landscape where ideas converge, and revolutions take shape.”, says Haissam Hanafi.

We welcome Haissam to the QBN team and are very excited to work together to drive QBN’s mission of building a strong quantum industry!

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