German Roadmap Quantum Computing

4 March, 2021 1:12 pm

The German government had already announced on June 3, 2020 that it would invest 2 billion euros from the economic stimulus and crisis management package in the development and construction of quantum computers.

Now the “Roadmap Quantum Computing” developed by the Expert Council “Quantum Computing” has been published. The expert council also included two QBN members, Magdalena Hauser, Parity Quantum Computing GmbH and Dr. Alexander Regnat, kiutra GmbH.

With the goal of bringing Germany into a globally leading role in the field of quantum computing and ensuring long-term technological sovereignty together with European partners, the system integration of selected technology platforms is to be advanced. To this end, the goal is to achieve an internationally competitive quantum computer with at least 100 individually controllable qubits in five years, a quantum advantage for practical applications in ten years, and an error-corrected system for solving universal problem classes in fifteen years.

As a prerequisite, the Expert Council recommends the immediate competitive establishment of hubs and competence networks. The hubs should bundle competencies from science and industry and generate competition and focus. Startup support, a strong IP position, the promotion of talent should also play a central role. Higher-level topics and a connection of the hubs shall be achieved by the competence networks and an umbrella organization of the German Quantum Community DQG.

Download: Roadmap Quantum Computing (German)

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