Single Quantum Webinar

18Jun16:0017:00Single Quantum Webinar


16:00 pm, 18 Jun 2024 - 17:00 pm, 18 Jun 2024(GMT+02:00) View in my time

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In this webinar we will focus on new products and applications of SNSPDs as well as fresh highlights from the lab.


We introduce our new complete and compact rack mounted system, Eos R12, providing a standardized system for easy deployment in labs and data centers. We will show our new SNSPD readout electronics, scalable and future proof, to allow controlling hundreds of detectors. Our SNSPDs are famous for their exclusive time resolution, and while usually it is characterized by low photon fluxes, we demonstrate a constant fraction discriminator add-on to significantly improve the timing jitter.


SNSPDs are a mature technology that can even be used in the most demanding applications such as deep-space optical communication and bio-imaging. In particular, we will showcase our optical SNSPD array receiver, developed with ESA to support NASA’s Psyche mission as well as the techniques used to image deep into tissue and beyond what is currently possible.


From the lab, we are going to highlight latest development efforts on MIR SNSPDs and novel applications in protein detection for mass spectroscopy as well as a quantum spectrometer that allows the measurement of spectra, photon statistics, cross-correlations and lifetimes in one measurement.

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