WG Quantum Computing & Applications: Advances in Healthcare

11Apr15:0017:30WG Quantum Computing & Applications: Advances in Healthcare


15:00 pm, 11 Apr 2024 - 17:30 pm, 11 Apr 2024(GMT+02:00) View in my time


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Event Details

Join us in the WG meeting where we will work together on our current objective to develop a use case database. First will be presented the current status and then we will in an interactive session tackle the next steps. Furthermore we will engage in pivotal discussions about harnessing the power of quantum computing for revolutionizing healthcare, exploring innovative ways to integrate this cutting-edge technology into medical systems while enhancing patient care.


WG meeting details:
Date: 11.04.2024, 15:00 to 17:30 (GMT+01:00)
Format: Online Meeting
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  • News from the Network 
    Haissam Hanafi, Quantum Technology Manager, QBN

WG session

  • Presentation of the status quo to develop a use cases database for quantum computing.
  • Interactive workshop to address the next steps

Talks & Discussion on advances in healthcare using quantum computing.

  • Quantum-enhanced AI in healthcare at Fraunhofer IKS
    Theodora-Augustina Drăgan, Research Scientist, Fraunhofer IKS
  • Quantum software advances for patient impact in the near term
    Vishal Shete, Managing Director, Terra Quantum UK 


About WG Quantum Computing & Applications

We are keen to drive the development of practical quantum applications and quantum advances. By fostering global relationships, forging international collaborative partnerships, and disseminating knowledge, we aim to establish the Working Group as a key figure driving Europe’s leadership in the area of quantum computing, influencing policy and fostering sector-wide integration.

Speakers for this event

  • Theodora-Augustina Dragan

    Theodora-Augustina Dragan

    Fraunhofer IKS

    Fraunhofer IKS

  • Vishal Shete

    Vishal Shete

    Terra Quantum UK

    Terra Quantum UK

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