july, 2021

14Jul09:0016:00QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing for Chemistry and Materials Science


14 Jul 2021, 9:00 - 14 Jul 2021, 16:00(GMT+02:00) View in my time

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Designing functional molecules, formulations, or solid-state compounds effectively is often limited by current computing power and requires much serendipity. Quantum mechanical simulations can accelerate the discovery process and will open up completely new ways of materials development.

Join us at the QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing for Chemistry and Materials Science – the exclusive and non-public expert meeting, supported by HQS Quantum Simulations – to interactively discuss relevant challenges and early-stage trends and benefit from valuable networking opportunities in a trust-based environment.

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Dr Ansgar Schäfer
Group Leader Quantum Chemistry

Dr Philipp Harbach
Head of In Silico Research

Dr Thomas Eckl
Chief Expert

Dr Michael Marthaler
HQS Quantum Simulations

Dr Stefan Birner
Managing Director

Gabriel Greene-Diniz
Research Scientist
Cambridge Quantum Computing


Welcoming words and intro of QBN
Johannes Verst, Quantum Business Network 
Introduction HQS Quantum Simulations
Dr Michael Marthaler, HQS Quantum Simulations
Application of Computational Methods for Digitalization – Scaling vs. Accuracy (on a Quantum Computer?)
Dr Philipp Harbach, Merck
Quantum mechanical materials design at Bosch and the potential benefit of Quantum Computing
Dr Thomas Eckl, Bosch
Current tools, their limitations using HPC and when to start exploring QC as an SME
Electronic Flying Qubits: Design and modeling challenges
Dr Stefan Birner, nextnano
Quantum computing and quantum simulation
Dr Michael Marthaler, HQS Quantum Simulations
Embedding Strategies for Quantum Computational Chemistry in the EUMEN Software Package
Gabriel Greene-Diniz, Cambridge Quantum Computing
Insights into Battery Materials from Modeling and Simulation
Dr Ansgar Schäfer, BASF

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