september, 2023

18Sep16:3018:00Diamond Quantum Technologies Working Group Online Meeting


18 Sep 2023, 16:30 - 18 Sep 2023, 18:00(GMT+02:00) View in my time


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Speakers for this event

  • Fleming Bruckmaier

    Fleming Bruckmaier

    Quantum Diamonds


    Quantum Diamonds

  • Lykourgos Bougas

    Lykourgos Bougas

    Quantum Brilliance

    Principle Quantum Engineer

    Quantum Brilliance

  • Peter Knittel

    Peter Knittel

    Fraunhofer IAF

    Fraunhofer IAF

    Fraunhofer IAF

Event Details

Diamond-based quantum technologies have been making waves across industries such as mineral exploration, communication nodes in satellite, denied gps and healthcare applications. Let’s drive technology advancements and industry applications of diamond-based quantum computing and quantum sensing together!

Goal of the WG DQT meeting

The upcoming Online Meeting “Diamond Quantum Technologies: Finding a Common Language, Present Challenges & Goals“, hosted by the QBN Working Group on Diamond Quantum Technologies (WG-DQT) aims to explore and identify the impact of the convergence of diamond-based quantum sensing and quantum computing technologies. Together, we will cultivate a common list that highlights the overlapping benefits and needs of these technologies. By leveraging the unique attributes of diamonds, we seek to catalyze breakthroughs in various sectors.  

Agenda Highlights: 


  • News from the Network 
    QBN Quantum Industry Summit (Save up to 30% on Tickets), New Members, Funding Calls, and much more.
  • Intro WG-DQT
    Get to know the WG-DQT leaders and QBN representatives who are driving this exciting initiative. 


  • Fleming Bruckmaier, CTO @ Quantum Diamonds
    Witness firsthand how diamonds are poised to shape the future of quantum sensing applications

  • Peter Knittel, Deputy Head of Business Unit @ Fraunhofer IAF
    Explore the possibilities of diamond growth for quantum technologies

  • Lykourgos Bougas, Principle Quantum Engineer @ Quantum Brilliance
    Delve into the unprecedented potential being unlocked in the diamond-based quantum computing technology landscape. 

Interactive Workshop

Led by the WG-DQT Leaders, Florentin Reinters (Fraunhofer IAF), Wolfgang Matthias Klesse (Quantum Brilliance), and QBN

  • Identify requirements and pain points and find a common language for DQT
  • Kick-off whitepaper development

About WG Diamond Quantum Technologies (DQT)

We are dedicated to accelerating the development, adoption, and integration of diamond-based quantum computing, communication, and sensoring technologies. Through strategic initiatives, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing, we aim to establish DQT as a prominent technology, driving industrial growth, public awareness, and governmental support.