EUSPA launches #myEUspace competition, more space for EU innovation and entrepreneurs

26 December, 2021 11:50 am

Prague, September 1, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) launches #myEUspace competition. The EU prize contest targets innovators and entrepreneurs ready to explore, develop and commercialise innovative solutions that leverage EU Space data and services, going beyond the current space-applications horizon, and fusing and testing new technologies in location-based services, smart mobility, smart agriculture, geomatics, and for the first-time, quantum technologies.

With a prize pool of € 1 million, #myEUspace competition – part of the European Commission Cassini initiative – focuses on EU space data and services and how services’ integration and data fusion will bring to life (and to market) disruptive, space-based commercial solutions able to respond to emerging societal needs and serve various domains ranging from smart mobility and agriculture, to sustainable production and consumption, smart cities, health and leisure, among others. Innovators from across all disciplines and markets are invited to harness the power of the EU Space Programme services and data to roll-out solutions that stretch from mobile to hardware-based applications such as wearables, asset management tracking solutions, drones, robotics and more.

With over 50 awards, #myEUSpace consists of two independent and parallel tracks, each one with a list of goals and deliverables. Track 1 – From Idea to Prototype/customer validation – aims to turn a theoretical idea into a product prototype/beta version. Track 2 – From Prototype to Product /Market entry – aims to develop a prototype or beta idea into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The Competition looks at solutions where the use and integration of EU Space data and services can disrupt the following six thematic areas:

  • Move Me Smart: Smart mobility solutions across all transportation modes to improve efficiency and sustainability and increase safety.
  • Space Up My Life: Consumer solutions such as mobile applications and any other solution using space data for health, gaming, sports, leisure, tourism and everyday life.
  • Our Green Planet: Innovative solutions addressing environmental challenges, sustainable life, consumption and production.
  • Map My World: Innovative surveying solutions to shape the future of geomatics, rural planning and smart cities by design.
  • Farming by Satellite: Technological solutions to manage the variability of agricultural production, improve crop yield, reduce environmental impact and optimize the food chain.
  • Dive in Quantum: Innovative solutions applying quantum technologies (computing, sensing, simulation, encryption etc.) enhancing space downstream applications.

Application deadline: 15th November 2021

For more information please visit EUSPA website.

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