New funding call: Standardisation and awareness of the European transition to post-quantum cryptography

Expected outcome: Outcomes and deliverables Contributions to European and international standards and regulations in PQC Workshops, white papers and other activities to support synergies between different sectors transition to PQC A European PQC migration roadmap, which can be the basis for sector-specific roadmaps Actions supporting the European PQC community Development of standards for hybrid cryptographic […]

New funding call: Roadmap for the transition of European public administrations to a post-quantum cryptography era

Expected outcome: Outcomes and deliverables Roadmap for the transition of European public administration for PQC Workshops, white papers and other activities to support synergies between national security agencies and public administrations. Collaborations between public administrations regarding the transition to PQC.   Objective: Proposals should foresee a leading role for national security agencies in developing a […]

New funding call: Deployment of Post Quantum Cryptography in systems in industrial sectors

Expected outcome: Outcomes and deliverables PQC system validation and PQC technology ready for wide-spread deployment in given industrial sectors Long-term protection of critical assets, long-term information security and operational continuity in the advent of quantum computers Migration checklists and plans for PQC in sectors where this has not yet taken place.   Objective: The objective […]

New funding call: Strengthen Cybersecurity capacities of European SMEs in line with CRA requirements and obligations

Expected outcome: Deliverables: Financial support for SMEs and other stakeholders for CRA compliance. Openly available platform with CRA-related resources (such as guidelines and supporting documents), providing supporting community building and upskilling Workshops, events, networking and exchange of experience of stakeholders Contributions to CRA standardisation   Scope: In synergy with other actions launched under this WP […]

New funding call: European Quantum Excellence Centres (QECs) in applications for science and industry

Expected outcome: The creation of two European Quantum Excellence Centres in applications, covering science and industry, will establish a one-stop-shop for industry, academia, and the wider quantum technology user community. This in turn will accelerate the discovery of new quantum-oriented applications and foster their knowledge and uptake. The QECs should be technology-agnostic with a focus […]

New funding call: Stimulating transnational research and development of next generation quantum technologies, including basic theories and components

Expected outcome: Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes: Scope: Proposals should support the networking and coordination of national activities in support of the Quantum Flagship by implementing calls for proposals resulting primarily in grants to third parties in this area, in accordance with the provisions of the General Annexes. i) the gaps […]

New funding call: Quantum sensing and metrology for market uptake (IA)

Expected outcome: Projects are expected to contribute to mature quantum sensing technologies and devices (TRL 6-7) in different application sectors, with the goal of establishing a reliable, efficient supply chain including first standardisation and calibration efforts for rapid market uptake. Scope: Proposals should address the development of mature quantum sensing technologies and single or network-operating […]

New funding call: Quantum Space Gravimetry Phase-B study & Technology Maturation

Expected outcome: These outcomes will contribute to securing the autonomy of supply for critical technologies and equipment, and fostering the EU’s space sector competitiveness, in line with the Expected Impact of the destination. One proposal for this Phase-B study and the associated technology maturation will be selected. Scope: The final objective of this call is […]

New funding call: Safe Future Technologies in a Hyper-connected World: Artificial Intelligence

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) ist zweifellos eine der Schlüsseltechnologien der Zukunft und muss daher sicher gestaltet sein. Mit der Veröffentlichung des Chatbots „ChatGPT“ Ende 2022 ist die Mächtigkeit der aktuellen Generation von KI-Systemen einer breiten Öffentlichkeit bewusst geworden. In der Folge ist die öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit vor allem für generative KI, wie beispielsweise KI-basierte Text- und Bildgeneratoren, […]

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