New funding call: Framework Partnership Agreement for developing large-scale quantum Computing platform technologies (FPA)

Expected Outcome: The Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) in quantum computing is expected to establish a stable and structured partnership between the Commission and the institutions and organisations in quantum computing who commit themselves to establishing, maintaining and implementing a strategic research roadmap aligned with and contributing to the Quantum Flagship Strategic Research Agenda in a […]

New funding call: European Quantum Communication Infrastructure – The EuroQCI initiative – Works

Objective: CEF Digital actions to co-fund the terrestrial backbone network components will be complementary to those developed through the Digital Europe Programme and will be focused on supporting cross-border links between two or more national quantum communication networks in Member States, and/or linking the EuroQCI’s terrestrial and space segments. Scope: The following priorities have been […]

New funding call: Investing in alternative quantum computation and simulation platform technologies (RIA)

Expected Outcome: Proposals are expected to further mature alternative and promising quantum computation and simulation platforms which have the prospects of high scalability and programmability, to complement the ones already supported by the Quantum Technologies Flagship. Scope: In order to reach large-scale quantum computation and simulation in Europe, breakthroughs in scalability of quantum processors and […]

New funding call: Next generation quantum sensing and metrology technologies (RIA)

Expected Outcome: Projects are expected to contribute to demonstrate the feasibility of next generation quantum sensing and metrology technologies and devices by showing disruptive progress in the performance, reliability and efficiency and application of such technologies and devices and by enhancing the TRL of all (essential) components necessary to build them. Scope: Proposals should focus […]

New funding call: Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuit technologies (RIA)

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) technologies on one side and quantum science on the other are the building blocks for development of Quantum PIC (QPIC) devices for quantum information processing, computation/simulation, communication, sensing or metrology. Photon-based approaches can address the huge challenge of implementing quantum processes in public infrastructures, challenging industry applications and compact everyday-life devices […]

New funding call: Large-scale Copernicus data uptake with AI and HPC

Expected Outcome: Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes: Scope: To address the expected outcomes described above, applicants are requested to respond to one of the following challenges: For both challenges applicants are requested to provide quantitative measures of the progress beyond the state of the art. Deadline: 02 March 2023 17:00:00 Brussels time […]

New funding call: EGNSS applications for Smart mobility

Expected Outcome: Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes: Scope: Proposals may be submitted in any of the transport areas or propose a multi-mode approach: Proposals should deliver new innovative applications, with commercial impact and a clear market uptake. The use of other space components such as Copernicus is highly encouraged. The developed […]

|Horizon Europe〉Transition towards Quantum-Resistant Cryptography

Expected Outcome: Projects are expected to contribute to at least three of the following expected outcomes: Measuring, assessing and standardizing/certifying future-proof cryptography Addressing gaps between the theoretical possibilities offered by quantum resistant cryptography and its practical implementations Quantum resistant cryptographic primitives and protocols encompassed in security solutions Solutions and methods that could be used to […]

|European Commission〉Call for expression of interest for hosting and operating the European quantum computers

One of the targets of the EuroHPC JU is to develop and support a highly competitive and innovative quantum computing ecosystem broadly distributed in Europe contributing to the scientific, industrial, and digital leadership of the Union, capable of autonomously producing quantum computing technologies and architectures and their integration on leading HPC computing systems, and advanced […]

|Horizon Europe〉Quantum technologies for space gravimetry

Expected Outcome: • Support the EU space policy and the green deal by paving the way for the deployment of a future EU Earth observation mission making use of quantum gravimetry • Ensure EU non-dependence for the development of capacities leading to the availability of quantum space gravimetry • Enhance the TRL of all (critical) […]

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