Agenda Quantum Systems 2030

29 March, 2021 12:21 pm

Europe has declared the next ten years to be the digital decade and has set several goals in terms of technology development, particularly in the area of ​​quantum technologies. A leadership position in the field of quantum technologies is crucial for technology sovereignty. In order to achieve this goal in Germany, a long-term plan of action and a strategy are necessary.

The ’Quantum Systems 2030’ agenda was developed for this purpose.

The research agenda presents the priorities and challenges in the field of quantum systems over the next ten years from the perspective of the community and makes recommendations for how industry, science and politics could better work together. The agenda thus also provides the basis for the BMBF’s upcoming program on quantum systems, which will start in 2022.

Quantum technologies are still in their infancy in many areas. Germany has an excellent starting position: Most of the necessary skills are available, the value chain from potential users to the manufacturers of central enabling technologies can be closed. In order to maintain this excellent position in the future, it is important to work together and promote networking. Other necessities are attractive basic conditions and low entry barriers to funding, especially for start-ups, and well-trained specialists.

Quantum technologies will have a major impact on all areas of society, science and technology, and especially the economy. It is important to convey the opportunities and risks of this new technology to a broad public and to ensure that quantum technologies are perceived as another positive achievement of humanity.

Download: Agenda Quantum Systems 2030(German)

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