Senior Software Engineer/Lead Developer

26 July, 2020 2:34 pm

You get to be a critical contributor in building and defining truly novel and groundbreaking new technology – quantum computers. Software or IT focused specialists do not need to understand quantum computation in their work, although willingness to learn is of course an advantage.

You are smart and get things done. You have solid programming and software design skills, and you are an experienced software developer. You have participated in designing the architecture of software systems. You have built backend services, and you know your way around relational and
non-relational databases. You have written Python code and want to work with Python. You know HTTP. You keep your skills and knowledge fresh and are always eager to learn more.

You create elegant solutions amidst complexity. You know how to build new services from scratch but are not afraid of diving deep into legacy codebases as well. You care deeply about building quality in and keeping the internal and external quality of your applications high.

Your work at IQM includes hands-on programming, reviewing code, discussing design decisions, testing, documenting etc. – the standard day-to-day work of any software team. Readiness for teamwork and collaborating constructively with physicists and other engineers is key. We also expect you to make sound technical decision that have a big impact on IQM’s success.

Further expectations for a lead developer

You have designed the architecture of numerous software systems, and you understand how to balance current needs with future scalability and extensibility.

You take an active role in working out requirements and following up on existing features. You make sure the individual components as well as their integration work as they should.

You lead by example and lift others. You create visibility and communicate clearly. You know which discussions to facilitate and which to leave to happen on their own within the team. Your contribution to technical decisions is valued by the whole organisation.

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