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By the year 2030, Quantum computers will vastly influence our everyday life, health and global peace. We at XeedQ GmbH, believe that the most disruptive innovations of the quantum computing revolution would emerge from unknown entrepreneurs working from their garage or a dorm; very similar to the dawn of the information technology era.

XeedQ’s mission is to make quantum processors accessible, affordable and sustainable for these next generation of technopreneurs and early adopters to give them a head start and catalyze their “next-big-thing”.

XeedQ GmbH based in Leipzig, Germany, offers XQ1 – a ready-to-buy 4+ qubit mobile quantum processor for customers and assist them to establish an affordable foundation for their quantum dreams. The key merits of the technology are robustness, room-temperature operation, power-efficient and mobile. XeedQ’s uniqueness resides in the innovations that transform the Quantum processor to very large scales without compromising on the Key-advantages.

The largely constraint-free operation of this technology together with the green and mobile aspects delivers the quantum advantages open to wider prospects for everyday use than previously imaginable. This also permits XeedQ to address a much broader customer base than traditional quantum computing vendors.


  • Quantum algorithms – Innovate the next billion-dollar algorithm!
  • Quantum enhanced AI – Bring “Quantumness” to augment hybrid computing.
  • Cryptography – Quantum secure on a mobile footprint.
  • FinTech – AI/ML decision making in AML and Security.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Quantum assisted cures and therapeutics.


  • Green, sustainable and affordable quantum processors suited for early adopters.
  • State-of-the-art mobile quantum processors for customer-specific needs.
  • Co-development of innovative quantum applications and use-cases.
  • A product roadmap to deliver 256+ qubits processors by 2026.


Dr. Gopalakrishnan Balasubramanian

XeedQ GmbH
Delitzscher Str. 80
04129 Leipzig