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Sparrow Quantum is a Danish quantum technology company dedicated to advancing light-matter interfaces for quantum technologies. The company is widely recognized as a leader in single-photon sources, demonstrating the world's highest light-matter coupling efficiency.

The unparalleled technology of Sparrow Quantum offers researchers and developers of quantum technology systems access to essential building blocks for scaling up advanced quantum technology applications in information processing and communication. Application areas include secure quantum communication, photonic quantum computing, and quantum repeaters for the quantum internet.

Sparrow Quantum's technology results from over two decades of pioneering research by founder Prof. Peter Lodahl and his Quantum Photonics Group Hybrid, which is part of the Quantum Networks Hy-Q Center of Excellence at the prestigious Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Component provider offering two flagship products in the field of Single Photon sources: a first-generation free-space option and a second-generation fiber-coupled solution, available as both a stand-alone unit and a plug-and-play system (i.e., a 19-inch rack including the source, laser, cryostat, etc.).


Kurt Stokbro

Sparrow Quantum
Blegdamsvej 17
2100 Copenhagen

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