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QuantumPrime’s mission is to provide secure satellite communications and data exchange utilizing quantum entanglement. We are a team of passionate engineers, physicists, computer scientists and business developers.
Existing satellite systems, crucial for global connectivity, are vulnerable to cyber threats, for example, eavesdropping or hacking. That pose a risk to data security, national corporate safety, and personal identity.
Additionally, inability to update in-orbit hardware against quantum-era hacking techniques may render current satellite infrastructure obsolete, causing significant financial and security losses to all parties. However, upcoming New Space constellations might not have space on their satellites for additional quantum payload, which exposes them to same risks.
We at QuantumPrime want to address those problems by providing Entanglement as a Service (EaaS) via designed by us satellite-based infrastructure that will include fleet of satellites, network of ground stations and digital tool for managing the communication via our infrastructure.


  • Satellite quantum entanglement payload
  • Relaying of satellite communications
  • EaaS, for example Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) service, for legacy satellites
  • New Space constellations and Quantum ground networks


Founder and CEO
Anna Beata Kalisz Hedegaard

Bremen, Germany

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