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Quanscient’s vision is to make simulations matching reality. We will achieve this by building a next-generation Simulation-as-a-Service platform utilizing cloud and quantum computing.

Our mission is to reduce the number of prototypes and physical testing by replacing it with simulations using digital designs and models of the product. This helps companies to get their products to the market way faster.

We want to create a world, where fast-moving vehicles no longer need to be wind-tunnel tested, electronics companies don’t have to build expensive prototypes, and research such as fusion energy can be rapidly accelerated with simulations.

The areas of physics that can be simulated with our technology are computational electromagnetics, computational fluid dynamics, and solid mechanics.

FEA simulation market. Our multiphysics technology can simulate computational electromagnetics, computational fluid dynamics and solid mechanics simulations. Or a combination of any of these in a strongly coupled, native multiphysics simulation.


Quanscient quantum-powered cloud-simulation platform. We expect to have the first product launched in autumn 2022.


Juha Riippi

Åkerlundinkatu 8
33100 Tampere

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