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Qlibri is a Start-up providing solutions to use the incredible power of optical micro-cavities to enhance light-matter interaction for quantum technologies and giving new insights through ultra-sensitive absorption microscopy.


Our products use optical microresonators to enhance the interaction between light and matter at the nanoscale.

Cavity quantum optics platform:
Our microscopic high finesse cavity enhances light-matter interactions for applications in quantum computation, single-photon sources, and other cutting edge research.
Use our quantum optics platform to sample thousands of inhomogeneous nanosystems like quantum dots, NV-centers, or 2D-Materials in a single run with the ability to perform quantum optics experiments on every single one of them.

Ultra-sensitive absorption microscope:
Our microscope provides spatial-, spectral-, and time-resolved absorption measurements with exceptional sensitivity.
Measure spectrally and spatially resolved absorption of nanosystems at the parts-per-billion level. Gain new insight for material research and see what nobody else saw before.

Microscopic Cavity Fiber mirrors:
Highly reflective, microscopic fiber-based cavity mirrors for quantum optics, microscopy, single photon sources, strong light-matter interaction, filters, ...


Jonathan Noé

Qlibri GmbH
Maistr. 67
80337 Munich

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