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Pixel Photonics, based in Münster, Germany, has developed a unique approach for integrating SNSPDs on a chip waveguide. They are combining the superior features of SNSPDs with the versatility of an integrated photonic platform to deliver highly parallelized, efficient and ultra-fast single-photon detection. Pixel Photonics’ technology is agnostic to the platform. This allows the SNSPD integration onto passive structures, for instance, on silicon nitride, as well as with active components on lithium niobate (Figure 3). While SNSPDs are inherently threshold detectors and insensitive to the number of photons in a detection event, waveguide integration and parallelization enable the use of SNSPDs for photon counting, thus paving the way for high-performance and scalable photonic quantum computing. Furthermore, waveguide integrated SNSPDs are suitable candidates for realizing or improving applications such as secure quantum communication (Quantum Key Distribution; QDK), light imaging, detection and ranging and bioimaging in microcopy.


• (Photonic) Quantum computing
• Single photon imaging in microscopy and bioimaging
• Secure quantum communication (Quantum Key Distribution; QDK)
• Light imaging, detection and ranging (Lidar)


Pixel Photonics offers turn-key systems with waveguide integrated superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs) for a wide range of applications. Our detectors can be operated at a large bandwidth, from VIS to the near-IR up to 1700nm. We are also very interested in any applications, which require UV single-photon detection.

Compact 19” rack system

• Turn-Key system with up to 40 channels
• VIS, near-IR
• Compact and standard 19” rack compatible
• One-button operation
• Compatible with standard readout electronics, e.g. timetaggers

Desktop System

• Turn-Key system with up to 40 channels (128ch in future)
• VIS, near-IR
• Can be placed either on the desk or below
• External compressor, can be placed in a separate room

Foundry services

• We offer rudimentary foundry services for SNSPD manufacturing, e.g. for pick and place assembly for full stack photonic quantum computing.

Our technology delivers highly parallelized, efficient and ultra-fast single-photon detection. Our in-house fabrication infrastructure and cooperation with the Münster Nanofabrication Facility allow us to address customer-specific demands individually and as needed.



Wladick Hartmann

Pixel Photonics
Heisenbergstr. 11