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NVision is a quantum technology company based in Ulm, Germany, with Tier 1 investors from Silicon Valley, Europe, and Israel. The company is leveraging advances in quantum sensing to fundamentally change the role of medical MRI imaging in the early assessment of a person's response to treatment for cancer and other serious diseases. The company has developed a hyperpolarization technology for molecular and metabolic imaging that is compatible with routine clinical practice, enabling virtually any MRI to routinely and non-invasively interrogate metabolic processes and, in particular, provide insights into cancer therapy that are currently not possible with conventional diagnostic techniques. Founded in 2015, the company is supported by an international team of senior engineers, physicists, and materials scientists with the common goal of expanding access to optimized treatment strategies that save lives.


NVision offers a fast, robust, and easy-to-use MRI Hyperpolarization platform based on parahydrogen - a long-lived quantum state of hydrogen. The platform comprises a polarizer, consumables, and customized service options, empowering accessible and streamlined preclinical and clinical research and application, respectively. Initial polarizer shipments are scheduled for early 2024.


Sella Brosh

Ilai Schwartz

NVision Imaging Technologies GmbH
Wolfgang-Paul-Str. 2
89081 Ulm

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