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Jij is a startup that provides a cloud service called as JijZept for mathematical optimization and quantum computing. Jij solves computational problems that every industry faces, where the number of candidate solutions grows exponentially in relation to the number of variables, making them difficult to solve. Jij is a startup that originated from the laboratory of Professor Nishimori of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the creator of the quantum annealing method, which is the world standard in the industry. Jij has a globalliances with Microsoft, IBM, and AWS. Currently conducting joint research with Toho Gas, Toyota Tsusho, KDDI, and other large companies.


JijZept is a cloud platform for quantum and Ising optimization. The company provides an intuitive modeling tool and model transpiler, which transform models and automatically parameter tuning to maximize hardware and solver performance. In addition, JijZept provides experiment management, and algorithm evaluation functions specific to optimization problems to assist users in their research and development of quantum and optimization algorithms.


Board Director & Head of Business
Hiroshi Nakata

Jij Inc.
7F 1-4-6, Nezu Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo, Japan

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