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The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS is one of the leading organisations for research, development and the pilot manufacturing of Photonic Microsystems.

The Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT) within the IPMS conducts research on 300 mm wafers for microchip producers, suppliers, equipment manufacturers and R&D partners and offers technology development and services on Ultra Large Scale Integration Level (ULSI) in the area of FEoL and BEoL. The CNT business units develop semiconductor technologies on 300 mm wafers and work on the integration of innovative functionalities into existing CMOS platforms. One focus is currently on research into novel memory concepts and high-frequency components based on ferroelectric, CMOS-compatible materials. Furthermore, the CNT is working on energy-efficient power management systems that combine solid state batteries, harvesters and embedded capacitors. Moreover, neuromorphic systems and components with e.g. spin-based devices as well as technologies towards quantum computing are investigated.

For its research, the CNT uses a flexibly usable tool park and a wide range of processes. The existing screening-fab concept enables consumables suppliers, equipment manufacturers and semiconductor companies to test new materials and manufacturing processes. The services offered range from the qualification of manufacturing steps such as cleaning or etching, copper plating and CMP to the evaluation of new precursors for atomic layer deposition. In addition, the CNT supplies a wide range of methods for physical failure analysis and wafer level electrical characterization of semiconductor devices.


  • Qubit technologies for the use of semiconductor manufacturing
  • Interface to classic CMOS electronics
  • Focus on large technology and industrial compatibility


300 mm CMOS cleanroom:

  • industry grade tools for advanced deposition, patterning, metrology and analytics
  • close ties to the microelectronics and semiconductor fabrication industry
  • focus on large scale qubit fabrication and technology integration with emphasize on CMOS compatibility and industry (high) volume manufacturing interfacing

non-exhaustive list of activities:

  • screening of new/advanced materials for superconducting devices
  • high resolution and precision patterning (e-beam litho, atomic layer etch, …)
  • fabrication of micro magnets
  • high quality dielectrics
  • (cryo) electrical charactierzation, including RF (design, simulation, modelling)
  • concepts for 3D integration (superconducting interposer, …)


Head of Business Unit Next Generation Computing
Dr. Benjamin Lilienthal-Uhlig

Fraunhofer IPMS
An der Bartlake 5
01109 Dresden

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