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Researchers in diamond quantum technologies are lacking reliable supply of diamond material with NV centers fabricated to their need. Companies developing products using NV diamonds as sensors or qubits also need a supply of tailored material with certified properties. Since diamond itself is the sensor/processor chip, silicon semiconductor technology cannot easily be converted to diamond. Thus novel equipment, processing techniques and material characterization methods are necessary.

The team at Diatope develops and produces synthetic diamond material for quantum sensing and computing applications. By building the world’s first quantum diamond fabrication line including crystal growth, we will become a key enabler for the diamond quantum ecosystem.


  • Academia in the field of diamond and color center research
  • Diamond supply for quantum sensing and computing industry



  • Isotopically enriched, ultrpure CVD diamond layers
  • Customized fabrication of shallow NV centers with certified (spin) properties
  • NV center analysis as a service using our quantum confocal microscopes
  • R&D service to help our customers from academia, industry and public organizsations realize their research projects & product ideas


Co-Founder & CEO
Johannes Lang

Diatope GmbH
Buchenweg 23
88444 Ummendorf

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